About Jayden’s JOY

Jayden Courtney is a young visionary who founded her very own nonprofit organization at the age of 12. In 2019, she was proud to introduce JAYDEN’S JOY. The mission of her organization is to empower kids, like herself, to embrace their inner JOY and together help bring JOY to the lives of those in their community. To accomplish this mission, Jayden plans to participate in community-based activities that both align with her vision and parallel the mission of her organization; to empower, uplift and motivate today’s young society.

For Jayden, a happy, yet fulfilling life, begins with love; followed by a sense of belonging, laughter, and the simplistic, fun-filled, stress free experience of a kid being a kid. She has an affinity for advocating a well-deserved, joyful life for the most vulnerable citizens; free from abuse and free from judgement.

JAYDEN’S JOY has partnered with Beyond Our Abilities’ (B.O.A.) Special Games to promote community diversity and inclusion of individuals with special needs, across all races and nationalities. This event featured “Unified Games”, in track and field, that included the “Tug of Unity“; a friendly tug-of-war competition between officers from various local police and fire municipalities to promote friendship, unity and comradery within the community. This event was epic…bringing together people of all ages, races, and abilities, for a day of fun! Jayden also assisted in the planning the B.O.A. Concert; an event that placed notable performers with special needs artists on the same platform as professional artists and musicians. In addition to helping to coordinate the event, Jayden served double duty as an actual performer herself. She graced the stage with a contemporary dance routine, as well as, joined in an integrated musical ensemble to sing.

Jayden Courtney, Founder of Jayden's Joy

Over 450 people attended this event. Attendees were comprised of members of the community at large, in addition to, invited residents, faculty and staff of local group homes that house individuals of the special needs community, as well as, program participants of the S.E.E. Foundation; a nonprofit organization spearheaded by Jayden’s mom, Katena, that professionally houses and works to integrate special needs individuals back into the everyday fold of normal life and fruitful living. The Beyond Our Abilities (B.O.A.) Concert celebrates the spirit of believing that we all have unique and innate gifts to share with society, and it is our duty to motivate each other to perform “Beyond Our Abilities”. When Jayden is not helping with community events, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She has a love for tennis and dance.

Her latest projects include coordinating JOYful community service dance and gardening projects for seniors at the Colonial Assisted Living at Miami. Also, Jayden embracing choreography for special needs individuals that infuse dance into eclectic variations of movement, exercise, and JOYful expressions.

A former competitive gymnast, she was affectionately, known as the “Beam Queen”. Never losing sight of her educational goals, Jayden is a proud member of the National Junior Honor Society. Above all her accomplishments, Jayden will admittedly tell you her most enjoyable activity is quality time with family and friends.